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Christian Rehab Centers | Rehab Advisors
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Christian Rehab

Christian Rehab

In the myriad of choices for substance abuse rehabilitation services, Christian rehab centers are a logical choice for people whose faith is a central part of their lives. For these individuals and their families, the struggle is addressed from a Biblical perspective and the reliance on a higher power to help guide the way through the intense difficulties and complexities of substance abuse. Without faith as a focal point, these individuals may not have as much success in rehabilitation if that element is missing.

In the myriad of choices for substance abuse rehabilitation services, Christian rehab centers are a logical choice for people whose faith is a central part of their lives. For these individuals and their families, the struggle is addressed from a Biblical perspective and the reliance on a higher power to help guide the way through the intense difficulties and complexities of substance abuse. Without faith as a focal point, these individuals may not have as much success in rehabilitation if that element is missing.

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How Is Christian Rehab Different from Secular Care?

In many ways, Christian and secular rehab programs are similar. They both may begin with an individualized assessment with potential for inpatient, residential or outpatient modes of treatment. They may use similar pharmacological and behavioral protocols and therapies, and they may also include individual, group and family counseling.

Obviously, the one core element of difference is the faith base which permeates Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation. By incorporating spiritual elements and Biblical teachings into therapy and counseling, patients may find strength by carrying these guiding principles through rehabilitation and into their recovery. Individual, group and family therapy include prayer, worship and Bible study. For some patients, this is very natural, comforting and critical to their long-term recovery. It is paramount to research options to find the right fit which includes both the level and combination of care and treatment. It is also vital to find a program that best meets one’s spiritual needs.

The Role of Faith in Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Love, forgiveness and hope play a huge role in Christianity; therefore, they are a critical part of faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation. While a person may have lost his or her way from a spiritual foundation, this type of treatment may be a way of reconnecting with one’s Christian roots and rebuilding a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

If you or your loved one is currently involved in a faith community, by all means include your minister in this journey. He or she can be monumentally helpful and may know of specific programs in your area or elsewhere to recommend. Do not let shame get in your way. The Christian faith is based on the belief that we are all sinners and through faith, one may find redemption.

The 12 Steps

According to the National Association for Christian Recovery (NACR), the 12-step program, which was developed by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, has been used in various addiction treatment programs from nicotine to narcotics, and its roots are based in a spiritual occurrence. While hospitalized for his excessive alcohol use, Dr. William Griffith Wilson was transformed by a faith experience that left him without a desire for alcohol. While sharing his story with others, he was able to replicate the successful experience with Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith who also found freedom from alcohol dependence and together, the two men founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in 1935. However, while rooted in Christianity and embodying Biblical teachings, the founders of AA realized they needed to reach a larger audience that was struggling with alcohol dependence.

“Consequently, AA members talk about spirituality, not religion,” according to NACR, “sobriety, not salvation; wrongdoing, not sin; admitting, not confessing; strength and hope, not resurrection; carrying the message, not sharing the faith. However, the absence of direct Christian references within AA does not take away from the program’s Christian basis.”

In 2016, AA estimates they had 118,305 chapters worldwide with 2,103,184 total individual participants. Likewise, Narcotics Anonymous reported around 67,000 weekly meetings in 139 countries in 2015. The ripple effect of Dr. Wilson’s Christ-centered experience in the 1930s continues to help others around the world who are struggling with addictions and are finding help through their faith or the more generic 12-step program.

Types of Faith-Based Drug Rehabilitation Programs

When choosing Christian substance abuse rehabilitation, there is yet another choice that needs to be made. Do I choose a specific denomination or shall I stick to a more nondenominational Christian rehab? While this is an individual choice, it is an important one as Christian denominations may have subtle or more apparent differences that are important to individuals. It may also be important to you to be able to speak to ministers and counselors from a specific denomination.

Regardless of the specific Christian rehab you choose, each one basically subscribes to one tenet that is summed up well by California-based Elements Behavioral Health: “Jesus’ death on the cross saves us from our sins, and not just the sins of the past, but the temptations of the present. No matter what we have done, no matter how severe our addiction may be and how badly we struggle, there is forgiveness and hope in Jesus Christ.”

Church-Based Rehabilitation

Some individual churches do offer their own Christian recovery programs, although they are typically outpatient programs or aftercare programs. If you are currently involved in a faith community, your minister may be able to guide you. Typically, in larger metropolitan areas there may also be an interfaith organization that may be of help and aware of resources.

Top 10 Christian Rehab Centers

The Road to Freedom



The Road to Freedom

Offering a wide range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation through Christ-centered treatment programs, Road to Freedom offers residential, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs as well as a teen-centered program. A board-certified medical staff is joined by a spiritual care team that is made up of six full-time pastors, six Christian clinical therapists as well as other spiritual leaders and ministry interns. The programs have received a Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.

The Road to Freedom prides itself on partnering with other well-known faith-based organizations such as Focus on the Family, Meier Clinics, and New Life Ministries. In addition to healing the spirit, there is a special focus on healing the body which offers therapies such as chiropractic, massage and acupuncture, an exercise facility and other outdoor recreation. These program amenities as well as the detox program which is staffed 24 hours a day were created by a licensed physician devoted to faith-based drug and alcohol treatment.

Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

The faith-based program at Transformations utilizes the proven Twelve Step method, with the original Biblical perspective as adapted from the work of Saul Selby. Participants can enter the program through a partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs with access to detox, individual and group counseling. An on-site chapel, pool and ocean access provide opportunities of serenity and grace as individuals begin or continue their faith journey. Transformations stresses that each person is on their own individual faith journey and an active alumni network helps with continuity after participants leave the program.

Beachway Therapy Center



Beachway Therapy Center

Beachway’s faith-based treatment program looks at the whole person – psychologically, physically and spiritually to develop the best individualized treatment plan for each participant. Beachway’s trained medical professionals partner with the faith-based recovery experts at Victory Church in Boca Raton, Florida to bring this Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation option to those in need. Services also include a free family recovery program offered once a month on a Friday and Saturday. While optional, the family program is highly encouraged for the successful recovery of the participant as well as for the special needs of loved ones. Strong aftercare programs include two phases which can vary in length of time – again it is up to the individual and her or her needs. A sober living house and a strong alumni support structure also make recovery transitions more successful.

St. John Institute for Addiction



St. John Institute for Addiction

St. John Institute for Addiction prides itself on being the only Christian detox and rehab facility in Pennsylvania. The campus is set on a sprawling 200-acre property with a forest chapel with beautiful stained glass and a series of statues tell the story of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. St. John’s website says that “We do not impose specific beliefs, but encourage each person to recognize their spiritual self and rely on God’s help to manage their addiction to drugs or alcohol.”

How to Find the Right Christian Drug Rehab

As with any drug and alcohol rehabilitation search, one needs to do the research necessary to find the best fit. The upfront work will result in the best outcome, so don’t jump hastily to a program that you have not properly vetted. Here are some things to keep in mind and to ask, some more general and some specifically related to a Christian or other faith-based rehabilitation program:

  • Can you help me work with my insurance carrier to get an estimate of what will be covered and what I will need to pay out of pocket?
  • What accreditation and licensing do you have? What credentials do your staff members hold?
  • Do you have studies to support your center’s success rate?
  • What is the patient to staff ratio?
  • Do you have separate male and female programs?
  • Do you offer a range of programs covering not just spiritual needs, but medical, psychological, social, health and wellness?
  • Is there help and education for family members and other loved ones?
  • May I visit the center and talk with staff in advance?
  • Are visitors allowed?
  • What kind of aftercare and long-term recovery planning do you offer?
  • Is there a specific Christian denomination that you ascribe to?
  • What are the faith backgrounds of your staff?
  • Do your counselors take a more literal or metaphorical view of scripture?
  • What are your center’s guiding principles?

Christian Recovery Support

As with all substance abuse rehabilitation and recovery, this is a lifelong journey and aftercare and continued support is necessary. Many churches have their own support groups or partner with outside recovery programs by hosting meetings. If that is not the case, there are many programs that are rooted in Christian principals like AA and NA that can provide a similar framework to help keep you or your loved one on track and healthy. The following list is just a start and will help you find support groups in your area:

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